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two swimming pools including: 25-metre, eight lane sub-regional competition pool with a moveable floor# large learner pool# spectator seating for 250# pool changing village with family changing. Location: Gloucester Rd, Horfield, Bristol
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Reviews of Horfield Pool and Leisure Centre
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  • rude staff - staff are rude and the price is to high for swimming lesson and they dont allow single lessons i will give it 1 star

    Reviewer Rating: 1/10
    By on 28/7/2011  Verified Reviewer

  • Great pool, good opening hours - I like this pool and travel quite a few miles (by car, so sue me :-) to use it late on a Sunday afternoon. At this time in Bristol there are no other public pools open that have any lanes for those who want to swim lengths. When Hengrove is finally opened, I hope it has similar hours and facilities.

    Reviewer Rating: 9/10
    By on 9/4/2009  Verified Reviewer

  • great! - fantastic facilities# great pool, gym and classes# the staff are very friendly# i have a membership which is very reasonable on price and the fitness team are great. really good friendly atmosphere. would recommend horfield leisure centre to anyone!

    Reviewer Rating: 10/10
    By on 21/7/2008  Verified Reviewer

  • lane swimming - I am trying to gain some confidence with front crawl after spending money on some private coaching. Following my course, I went to Horfield to practise and as I can only go on a Wednesday left feeling frustrated and earlier than I wanted as I kept getting hit with feet as only 2 lanes were open for too many people. What a waste of money and did nothing for my improvement or confidence.

    Reviewer Rating: 2/10
    By on 16/4/2008

  • Weekly online timetable? - The pool facilities are great as long as you don't use it at peak times. It would be good if the online timetable was updated weekly to include galas etc, or even if something happened to force pool closure a 'pool now closed' notice appeared on the website. It is a long way to walk to be turned away and it's often difficult to get an answer on the phone.

    Reviewer Rating: 5/10
    By on 12/4/2008

  • pool of misery ? - What a shame. Why is this pool so small when there's such a massive area to bulid in? The price is way too much beacause they let so many swimmers in for a one hour session, there's no room for all these people. I came here to relax but I left feeling so stressed!

    Reviewer Rating: 1/10
    By on 27/8/2007

  • Horfield Swimming Pool - Horfield Swimming Pool is a fantastic modern pool that allows a great deal of natural light in. Its great that such a facility is available to everyone. Most of the problems above can be solved simply by reading the pool timetable. The capacity some people have to complain is incredible.

    Reviewer Rating: 10/10
    By on 4/8/2007

  • Horfield pool - I have found this pool to be a total disappointment. To me it doesnt seem that accessible to the public at all as its always hired out to private clubs etc and as others have said its extremely noisy. I do feel that if its a public facility it should be more accessible to the public. On a few occasions I have been to the adult lane swimming and its full,so you have to wait to get in.

    Reviewer Rating: 2/10
    By on 30/5/2007

  • Horfield Pool - Great pool with little chlorine content so no eye problems!! Maybe a little too busy but thats understandable.

    Reviewer Rating: 9/10
    By on 5/5/2007

  • Horfield Pool - It is a shame that the council have closed other pools, BUT, fantastic that they have invested in Horfield. There may be some nights when lane swimming is tight due to the pool being shared with other bookings, BUT, there are so many slots for adult lane swimming so you can choose the best time to go. I think the pool is fantastic, great to see a new facility like this.

    Reviewer Rating: 9/10
    By on 17/3/2007

  • Swimming in Bristol,Horfield. - Why have the council closed so many pools and replaced them with one, Horfield. It's overcrowded and always seems to be used for two or three activities at once. this makes it seem cery noisy and not a place i wish to visit again. If only there was another pool that was still open!!!

    Reviewer Rating: 2/10
    By on 27/10/2006

  • horfield pool - Went on wednesday to an adult only session.Turned out that half the pool was actually given over to some screaming kids competition - therefore only half the pool was used which was roped into some very tight lanes with no slow lane. Itwas absolutely packed and no room to swim hence everyone got hit by other swimmers - everyone was complaining and I swear never to return!!

    Reviewer Rating: 1/10
    By on 3/7/2006

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