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About Bristol-Online

Bristol-Online is the largest directory of web sites of all kinds of organisations located in Greater Bristol.

Bristol-Online is the most popular of all the local-to-Bristol directories ( and receives over 30,000 unique visitors per month and around 140,000 page views per month. (some sites report hits but this is a misleading metric, counting each image viewed as well as pages).

The pages in Bristol-Online rank highly in Google. So if you have a listing in Bristol-Online your website will also be found in the better pages in Google.

Now Bristol-Online has a new interface and many new features. Here's some of them:

  • Listing owners can now submit and EDIT their site details for changes, special offers, new products and services.
  • Users can submit reviews and ratings easily.
  • There are 2 new views - 'What's New - the latest additions and - 'What's Popular' - the most visited listings.

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Using Bristol-Online is really easy. It works in a similar way to Google and Yahoo, the most popular directories on the Internet.

To browse the listings by category, simply select the 'Listings' button and choose one of the top level category headings. Beneath each top level category, only the most popular subcategories are shown initially, but there is an option to display all subcategories - click the top level category name or, the ' here for more categories' link.

To search you enter some text in the search box and click Go.

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