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Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms & conditions of acceptance, then press the 'I Agree' button to confirm your acceptance of our terms and conditions and to proceed with your submission.

Terms of Acceptance

1. Your organisation must have a location within our area (see map below) which is 25 miles of Bristol city centre.

2. Only 1 listing per website address is allowed.

3. We will normally add your site listing to Bristol-Online within 3 working days of our receipt of a completed submission form. If the information is incomplete (especially if the web page address is incorrect or not functioning) there may be a delay.

4. We include listings at our discretion and reserve the right to remove any listing where the listing itself or linked web pages are found to contain adult only material or have adult only themes or contain offensive or illegal material.

5. Bristol-Online endeavours to ensure that all information in our web pages is accurate and will correct, within a reasonable period, any errors of which we are notified. Nevertheless we can not accept any liability for any loss or damage of any kind arising from the wording, presentation, phone number, location or any other information presented in our web pages.

6. Bristol-Online aims to include only genuine, relevant, local-to-Bristol organisations' websites. We decline around 25% of applications: generally those not accepted are not local to Bristol, or not functioning, or are links to spurious sites containing only links to other sites.

7. You agree to allow us to publish reviews of your goods/services which meet our (see our Reviews Policy).

8. Please note that listings to websites which are no longer functioning or are redirected to websites which do not meet our criteria will be removed from Bristol-Online.

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