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MyBristol-online is a new feature in Bristol-online. Bristol-online has over 7,700 listings in over 300 categories and we want to make it easy for you to find the ones you want and regularly use. MyBristol-online enables you to collect your own listings and/or other favourite listings in Bristol-online in one, easy to manage, personal space - it's like a personal bookmarks tool. MyBristol-online offers:

Your own favourite listings

A place to keep your favourite listings; no more hunting through all the Restaurant listings for the one you want ! Or use it to collect suppliers of a service you are considering buying

Manage your own listings

If you are an owner of listings in Bristol-online, you can view all your listings in one place

Easy ways of managing your favourites

You can -
  • add listings to your favourites from any other page in Bristol-online
  • monitor recently added listings from within your My Bristol-online page and add those you like to your favourites
  • manage the order that your favourites appear

Share your favourite listings

Send the details of a favourite listing (with a brief message) to a friend or colleague, by email

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