The Power of Motion Graphics in Brand Film

Not every brand has access to big budgets, however, motion graphics needn’t break the bank and clever application can help businesses of all sizes to realise their video marketing visions and establish a strong brand identity.

The internet has fundamentally altered the marketing landscape giving businesses access to new branding strategies and tactics in order to stand out within a fast moving modern marketplace. Motion graphics are one of the most innovative and image defining weapons in any digital marketing arsenal.

In this article for Bristol Online, founder of Bristol-based motion graphics company Ocula, Paul Silcox, talks motion graphics.

The Limitless Potential of Motion Graphics

Although the golden rules of filmmaking have remained consistent for decades, new and emerging technologies when taken alongside the unique democratising nature of the internet are allowing businesses of all sizes to make an impact through their video marketing for the first time.

It is best to consider motion graphics as a collection of approaches, styles and techniques that can be applied singularly or in collaboration with one another to realise brand visions and convey messages in unique and innovative ways.

Realise your Vision Whilst Maintaining a Consistent Budget

Conventional filmmaking will always be somewhat constrained by budgets. If you don’t have access to a bottomless budget and, let’s face it very few businesses do, you’re going to have to adopt a more innovative way of thinking to create the brand video you want your audience to see.

Below are just a few ways motion graphics can offer a distinct advantage over traditional filmmaking in terms of brand appeal, impact and individuality.

No Longer Feel Constrained by Locations

Again, traditional filmmaking is also often limited by locations. There are a whole host of locations that might blow your budget or pose health and safety problems, however, motion graphics can be fully drawn and rendered in the studio and bring your ideas to fruition with very few constraints.

Laws of Nature? They Don’t Apply!

Motion graphics provide a unique opportunity to completely disregard the laws of physics if they don’t align with your vision for your brand film. Why let gravity stand in the way of your creativity when you don’t have to? Instead, the only limits that stand in your way are the imagination and technical skills of you and your team.

Establish a Consistent Tone

Maintaining a consistent brand persona is critical and motion graphics provide you with the opportunity to control every single aspect of your brand film. Your choice of colour palette, landscape, lighting, sound and art design will allow you to present your audience with an impression of your brand and your ethos before a single word of dialogue is uttered.

Visualise your Voiceovers

Voiceovers are often an effective and efficient way to convey information to an audience in an easily digestible and engaging way. The addition of complementary motion graphics will reinforce that message by illustrating and bringing to life the core points being made. The motion graphic and voiceover combination is especially effective in public information and instructional videos, software demonstrations and charity campaigning.

UNICEF’s ‘Check Out for Children’ campaign uses motion graphics to deftly highlight the importance of even nominal donations to charity and retains audience attention by ensuring that the visuals always work in harmony with the accompanying voiceover. This dual message representation will often even increase the memorability of the subject of a campaign, which can be exceptionally valuable to businesses and organisations alike.


Motion graphics have an array of applications in the modern digital marketing landscape. Although traditional filmmaking still has its advantages, dismissing motion graphics outright without pausing to consider how they might help to convey or reinforce important marketing messages is an error that businesses should be avoiding. So, whether you want to try something new or stand out from the crowd, consider tapping into the power of motion graphics.

You can connect with Paul at Ocula on Twitter @WeAreOcula or see a collection of their fantastic work on YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram.