Making Money from your Property


In this article for Bristol Online, co-founder of property management company Hopewell, Adam Kershaw talks us through making money from our property.

Are you going away for a while and leaving your property unoccupied? Travelling the world perhaps? Or do you simply have an empty flat or house that no one is living in? You may be tempted by the idea of making money from it – and it’s easier than ever with short-term rentals. Continue reading “Making Money from your Property”

A Primer on Setting up an Online Business in the UK

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There has never been a better time to start an online business. With one pound in every five spent on retail in the UK now going to online stores, having a powerful internet presence to sell your wares or services is a far simpler – and more economical – investment than physical square footage.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the five essential steps you need to get your business up and running.

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What Is Video Seeding And How To Do It?

With more than 100 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every single minute, standing out online is a real challenge. Far too many excellently made brand videos have ended up as orphan content, neglected in a vast ocean of digital media.

It is entirely possible to avoid this fate with a considered and carefully approached seeding strategy. In this article for Bristol Online, Aspect Film & Video managing director, Evelyn Timson shows us how.

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Lillicoco explains how to shop for antique jewellery this Christmas

Lillicoco is the creation of Stacey and her partner Simon, who have made it their mission to bring extraordinary and affordable vintage jewellery to the masses. Stacey has taken her experience of working in some of the finest jewellery outlets in Bristol and used it to create her own unique brand. Her expertise, coupled with Simon’s background in photography and keen eye for a special gem has created a very special store.

Lillicoco’s unique handpicked antique jewellery collection is as accessible as it is diverse. And it shows. Stacey and Simon spend hours sourcing every piece and understand that an item of jewellery is much more than a sparkly adornment. These pieces of jewellery all have a different story to tell. They are treasures from the past but the heirlooms of the future, with undoubtedly more owners and more stories to make.

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Top 5 Promotional Merchandise Items in Brand Marketing

In this exclusive article for Bristol Online, Steve Hill, director of Bath-based Bag Workshop, Steve Hill, talks us through his top five all-time timeless promotional brand items.

Marketing has changed almost beyond recognition in the last twenty years or so, a shift that has been driven almost entirely by the digital revolution and the plethora of new platforms and channels it has spawned. But some things never change and in our here, today, gone tomorrow world of digital marketing, the power of promotional marketing through branded merchandise continues to exert a huge influence on consumer behaviours. Continue reading “Top 5 Promotional Merchandise Items in Brand Marketing”