The Power of Motion Graphics in Brand Film

Not every brand has access to big budgets, however, motion graphics needn’t break the bank and clever application can help businesses of all sizes to realise their video marketing visions and establish a strong brand identity.

The internet has fundamentally altered the marketing landscape giving businesses access to new branding strategies and tactics in order to stand out within a fast moving modern marketplace. Motion graphics are one of the most innovative and image defining weapons in any digital marketing arsenal.

In this article for Bristol Online, founder of Bristol-based motion graphics company Ocula, Paul Silcox, talks motion graphics.

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How to Protect Your Business Computers From a Cyber Attack

Only a few months ago, one of the biggest ransomware attacks the world has seen, took systems in over 150 countries hostage, bringing vital organisations like the British NHS, a Spanish telecommunications company and the Russian Interior Ministry to a screeching halt. Although the ransomware attacks mostly hacked businesses and organisations, individuals that ran a Windows operating system on their personal computers were also at risk.

In this post, Dave Blackhurst from Bristol IT support company Evolvit tells you how to keep your business safe and secure from cyber-attack.

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Why summer is the best time to have your boiler serviced?

Now I’m sure for most of our readers, the last thing on their mind is their boiler. Most likely thoughts are on barbeques, festivals and a summer packed full of sporting events and for the lucky one’s holidays in the sun.

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Welcome to the Bristol Online blog

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